I’m busy!!!


Yaaa, i’m busy!


Because i have a superb blog to maintain. God! I can’t imagine how i will keep my superb blog alive while i’m busy studying and prepare for my graduation next year XD.

Do you know? I have a blog, that gather fans of SHINee around. Who’s SHINee? They are Korean teenage boygroup with a lot of talent! Sometime i feel like i want to be like them! But then i realize… i’m a girl. Hahahha. That boy, oh my… their hardwork really give me a motivation to keep struggling if i want to reach my dream.

They isn’t just got a lucky and a talent, they prove to them self and to people around them, that they can be success if they want to.

In Korea, it’s not an easy thing to be an idol or a star. We have to do a maximum performance and do our best to make the producer think that we deserve to be a star or an idol. That’s why, i kept thinking… when will Indonesia have a tight competition that will make Indonesian teenager wake up and make a chance.

Everyday, i kept hearing students complain about Indonesian education system, oh please correct, sometimes i also complain about it. But looking at the Korean teenager, they going through a super heavy education system that keep them awake until midnight. School time in South Korea start at 09.00 am and ends about 09.00 pm or more.. minus hagwon!

What is hagwon? In Indonesia it’s call bimbel. They attending a hagwon in the night for about two hours then return home, do some homework until midnight is almost passed. Then sleep until six or seven a clock. That facts make me stop complaining. We, as Indonesian students have a good education system. It’s just we who keep complaining because our young generation keeps getting lazier and lazier.

You can do a research about South Korean education, and it’s really hard to believe that young korean have a hard time in school life. I only knew it when i read a south Korean expat blog. Most of them is a native speaker, so a learn about Korean and improve my english at the same time when i read their blog articles 😀

Its a nice thing to read ^^, try to read them and you’ll find that you addicted with that good information ^^



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SHINes FF Blog

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