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Well…. i have AFF acc, since 2010 if it’s necessary. But you know what… i don’t know anyone there. Shame on me, yes. Think i’m an ansoc person ._. nah, actually it’s because i dont leave comment in English fiction. Yeah.. more shame on me. Anyway.. my friend (@100yeol) tag me in a post.Here it is : http://www.asianfanfics.com/blog/view/710858

She’s a former Shawol, sad that she changed into EXO fans. But wateva. Here’s the post that i supposed to write in my AFF acc, and since i don’t have a friend.. you can post this on yours. Oh you can add me if you have AFF, i’m Lana_Carter. Take it as i tag you 😀

rule 1: post the rules
rule 2: answer the questions the tagger asked you, then make 11 new ones
rule 3: tag 11 people and link them to the post
rule 4: let them know you’ve tagged them

Tagged by: Baekmuffin

1. Do you ship Boy x Boy?

May. Eeerr Maybe yes, maybe no. Haha oke, not funny.

2. Tell me your favorite otp!

All OTP on Exo. Idk, i just dont read boy x boy before i know EXO. Seems like they bring some negative to me ._.v

3. Do you read yaoi?

Eerr wat’s the diferen from boy x boy? There’s a smut on yaoi? sometin like dat? Yea.. i read dat. (shit, this is embarrassing). Note this, i only read it when i’m on my period ooorrrr.. when i forced to because the story so damn beautiful and creative.

4. What do you think of legal gay marriage in South Korea?

idk… it’s good because they’re open. But.. idk, i try to think it’s the same with hetero marriage. Maybe it’s good, but bad at the same time because however… people still think that man created for woman and so on.

5. Do you find gay couples in real life cute?

State the obvious. It’s a NO. Please forgive me, but you know. I did try really hard to act like it’s should be normal and okay. But man… how could i act all okay if both of them are fucking hot, yet, they choose same gender. Poor me, i know.

Eh.. but, if it’s exo member… i dont mind LMAO. I dont know, i just love how they’re so close and open. And i love skinship by the way, so i’ll go crazy if i see exo member x member skinship. god, what am i doin with myself.

6. Have you ever feel so insecure about yourself?

Think i have. But… i don’t know, it’s come and go, so i dont pay much attention into it. But it’s often comes when i try to make friends or socialize.

7. Do you know social anxiety disorder?

Yes, i know. Not much, but pretty much (What?!). I think i have it, so i feel insecure sometimes well.. almost everytime. That’s why i pretty much the what so called perfectionist. I often scared about how people will judge my every moves. But i try to come over it, i have some kind of social blog (SF3SI) you know. It helps so much that i learn how to socialize, how to make friends, and how to be a better person.

8. Like to read pshycology fics?

Alot. Yeah… i read some of developmental books, psychology books (fic or nonfic), life, or something like that. If anything, i like to read any kind of books. Well, except history and biography, i just can’t.

9. What anime do you like?

Nah, i don’t really like anime. but if Sakura can be count, i will say it’s Sakura.

10. Can you draw a fanart? or can you do digital drawing?

Nah, i can’t really draw it’s depends on my mood. I’ve tried once, 50% success 50% fail. And i really.. i swear i don’t know how to do digital drawing. But i can do digital graphic design

11. Last one, what is your fandom?

Me? Shawol. Thank You, i’m still on it.

Pardon my mess grammar and poor vocab. Seriously, sorry. At least i’m tryin yanow?

So here’s my question:

1. Are you a Kpop Stan? If yes, which fandom are you in?

2. What do you think of Kpop? Your first impression and now?

3. Did you write fanfic? Or did you read? If yes, tell me some short story why you read/write.

4. Beside Kpop, Kdrama, and Kculinary, did you learn Korean Culture or South Korea in sociological point of view? Tell me.

5. Did stan South Korea makes some difference in your life? If you don’t mind, tell me.

6. What did you do in your spare time?

7. What do you think of yourself?

8. Who’s your role model? Why?

9. What is you ideal type?

10. Have you ever think “They can do it, why can’t i?”. So you try to push yourself, try to come over it but you still can’t do the way they do it. So you end up throwing yourself in the bed and screaming like a retarded? (pardon my French).

11. Last, yeah, finally. What do you think of me? Do you even know who i am? If yes, please, tell me honestly. I don’t mind, really. (did i really sound demanding? LOL)


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