Hai, Lana!



Beberapa hari yang lalu liat postingan macem ini di timeline blog I followed which is Kak Putri (who made this), Ami dan Kak Eci, tahu-tahu dapet tag dari Dhila lagi *and apparently from Kak Eci juga tapi gak masuk dont know why*, yeay! Hihi. Makasih tag-nya, makasih juga Kak Putri udah bikin games-nya dan di ‘things about me’ aku gak nge-tag si empunya games ini lantara gak ngeh ada peraturan untuk linked back to her. Oops.

So, here’s mine

  1. What kind of insect is Lana most annoyed of?
    • Kecoak *tos Dhil!*
  2. How does Lana relieve her stress?
    • Tapping (EFT)
  3. What kind of top (clothing) does Lana like to wear?
    • Turtleneck *someone gimme turtleneck for birthday present puhlease*
  4. What is Lana hate the most during summer?
    • Berdesakan di kereta. Karena man, she left home super wangi then she got out from the train sweaty and smell like ****
  5. What is Lana favorite dish?
    • Kepiting soka goreng mayonnaise
  6. What is Lana favorite animation movie?
    • Wall-E, does it count? Yeah, Wall-E.
  7. Who is Lana’s favorite singer?
    • James Ingram
  8. What is Lana’s favorite flower?
    • Baby’s breath
  9. What is number one on Lana’s bucket list?
    • Beliin papa mama rumah yang ada kebunnya
  10. What is Lana’s favorite color?
    • Blue, I guess..
  11. What is Lana’s favorite color of clothing?
    • Black looks super great on her but kinda boring, yeah.
  12. What is Lana’s favorite sport?
    • Basketball when she was younger
  13. What kind of weather does Lana like when she goes for a walk?
    • Cloudy
  14. What is Lana’s zodiac sign?
    • Capricorn
  15. What song is Lana listening to while she is writing this question?
    • Demi Lovato – Waitin’ For You ft Sirah
  16. How tall is Lana?
    • 160.5cm , don’t forget the 0.5 it’s important.
  17. What flavor of maccaron does Lana like most?
    • Never, ever, try it even once. SOMEONE GIMME A MACCARON!!
  18. What is Lana’s favorite thing to do?
    • Typing, type anything. She just love her keyboard too much can’t live without a PC
  19. When is Lana’s birthday?
    • 24 December
  20. Where was Lana born?
    • Jakarta
  21. How long has Lana been using her current cell phone number?
    • She have lost her phone in 2012 so.. it should be around 4 years
  22. What was Lana’s childhood dream?
    • Top model
  23. What does Lana think about when she takes a shower?
    • What was happening…? *She somehow get super blank when she entered the bathroom*
  24. What is Lana’s favorite beverage?
    • Mineral water. Best. Water. Ever.
  25. Which country does Lana want to go?
    • Let me be greedy once. Spain – Barcelona, New Zealand, US – New York. Ugh, okay she’ll stick with the rules.
  26. What is Lana’s favorite item?
    • Kiddie (her laptop)
  27. What is the name of the movie that made Lana cry the hardest?
    • Rain Man. Actually any movie related to a hurtful family member, she’ll cry in an instant.
  28. What is Lana’s favorite fruit?
    • Mangga. *Dhilla Tos!* Siapa yang gak cinta manga? Cihuy!
  29. What is Lana’s favorite dessert?
    • Churros dessert bukan? Kalau bukan, then chocolate soufflé
  30. What kind of weather does Lana like when she takes a nap?
    • Rainy, perfect weather for a good nap *for 8 hours straight alias kebablasan*
  31. What is Lana’s favorite amusement ride?
    • Roller coaster, but it’s getting boring lately.
  32. What is Lana’s favorite fashion item?
    • Wrist watch
  33. What is Lana’s favorite number?
    • 1
  34. What is Lana’s favorite letter?
    • K
  35. What is the most number of hours Lana slept before?
    • She’ve slept for 15 hours straight once then woke up feeling like a melted butter, not refreshed at all
  36. Which language is Lana most interested in?
    • French
  37. What kind of animal is Lana hate the most?
    • Snake
  38. What food does Lana not eat?
    • Spicy food, big no no.
  39. What was the last movie Lana watched in theater?
    • Star Wars: The Awakening—forget the title—something.
  40. What is Lana’s favorite city?
    • Lokal? Lombok.
  41. What is Lana’s favorite ice cream?
    • Gelato *tos Kak Eci!*
  42. Who is Lana’s Indonesia favorite author?
    • Tere Liye (Gak banyak baca bukunya, tapi when she realized she often rekomendasiin orang untuk baca buku beliau tanpa sengaja)
  43. What does Lana want to do most in Barcelona?
    • Skateboarding
  44. What does Lana do before she goes to bed?
    • Istigfar, as much as she can.
  45. How long was the distance of Lana’s first marathon?
    • Gak marathon sih, cuma pengambilan nilai super sadis sejauh 800m
  46. What is Lana’s favorite poetry (please insert link if any)?
  47. How many times has Lana been stung by a bee?
    • Belum pernah, alhamdulillah
  48. What is Lana’s favorite day of the week?
    • Holy Friday, yeah!
  49. How many pets Lana has?
    • None
  50. How does Lana sleep?
    • Deep slumber like a baby with the lights off


I’m tagging Bella, Zaky (biar aja Zaky kena dua xD) Reene, and kyuroo. Empat aja, deadline bimbingan makin dekat. I almost don’t have time to post this *sok banget hahaha*

Forward this mini-game by tagging 10 people (you can tag less, though), but do not forget to insert a link to La Princesa’s page since she is the one who created this mini-game.

5 thoughts on “Hai, Lana!

  1. Wahaaa, udah dibikin trnyataa 😀
    1. naah sama kaaan? emg nyebelin tu serangga -.-3. turtleneck suka bikin kecekik sih kak kalo gak nemu bahan yg pas…huhuhuhu T___T
    16. aku bakal mendongak buat liat kak lana =.=
    28. mangga emang juarheeee
    44. istighfar sblom tidur, salut ih…patut ditiru :”)
    46. nyahahahahaa…aku gak sndiri pas bagian puisi ini tuh rasanya :”) #hug

    makasi ya kaaak udah join ini, seneeng bisa mngenal kakak lebih jauh 😀

    1. Hahaha tapi gatau kenapa aku kalau pake turtleneck tuh mendadak cakep kayak pake camera 360 berjalan LOL
      Haiyah, cuma beda berapa centi kita mah gak sampe dongak amat, paling cuma kejedot dagu *buakh, minta digampat emang lana* hahha canda ah :*

      Awalnya aku iseng tuh istigfar sebelum tidur, pingin sok beriman kayak orang-oranng eh terus tidurnya lebih enak euy hahha jadi keterusan.

      MAKASIH LHO DIHLA KAMU UDAH NGAJAKIN AKU MAIN hahaha seneng bisa punya alesan untuk keep in touch sama teman-teman seperjuangan tahun 2010an LOL
      lup lup Dhila

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