Fun Tutoring Session

No-uh, this is not a fiction or journal post. This is just me trying to promote myself into a freelance job thingy. LOL.

Uhm, so,

Hello there! You might be crash into this post by accident while looking for a teacher, specifically an English-Indonesian tutor in Jakarta or English private tutoring di Jakarta.

Name’s Lana, i just graduated from State Polytechnic of Jakarta (PNJ) on 11 Agust 2016 with Business Administration Diploma. So yeah, I’m opening a language class (sort of..) while looking for a real job. LOL. This is going to be like a win-win condition than a student-teacher condition.

If you’re an expat in Jakarta, a native English speaker, don’t have any friends or relation to help but you need to learn Bahasa Indonesia, i am here to help you! Yeay! Even if you have a tight schedule, i’m willing to slip my way into a tiny hour between your super tight schedule. I understand basic Japanese, French and Korean too! So if you’re one of those native speaker, and have a decent English or at least common conversation material. I still can help you out! Isn’t that amazing? No? Okay.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, because my face seriously doesn’t show my age at all. You might feel like you’re talking with a same age friend (LOL). We won’t have a formal class whatsoever, you can totally choose what to learn or how we are going to do the study session. As well as the place. But, if you’re an opposite gender we might have to study in an open space or at least in a place where everyone knows we’re not doing any ‘funny business’ but fun study. (What?!)

I can teach kindergarden kids too as well as babysitting for you, modern mama and busy women. I can take up to 10 y.o kids, I’ve volunteer in a local elementary school several times in my sophomore year. And i’ve babysit my baby cousin almost everyday last year, so you don’t have to be afraid and you can saving up a bit because daycare is a little too expensive and babysitter these day also kind of expensive.

I can teach English to kids or Bahasa Indonesia, it’s up to your needs. I can cook too, so i can feed them and put them into bed. I don’t like Indonesian TV Show so i might not let them watch it, except the News if you want. There might be a little dancing session since i love dancing, but still, if you’re willing to. And the best part is yet to come….

The Rate:

  1. Teenage to Adult: Rp 50.000/session/person
  2. Kids tutoring: Rp 60.000/session/person
  3. Kids tutoring + Babysitting: Rp 15.000/hour
  4. 1 session = 2 hours

Quite cheap, isn’t it? Since it’s a win-win condition and i’m not a professional, i supposed the rate shouldn’t be too high. You can check out other formal tutoring to compare. And if you’re not too sure about my method, i can give you a one hour trial via Skype for free. Awesome (might be a little awkward tho)! But…

The Condition:

  1. I can travel to any side of Jakarta, Depok, and Bekasi but you have to pay for my commute fees.
  2. If we’re studying in Cafe/Resto/Office you may have to provide a cup of coffee or a bottle of mineral water for me. And the place shouldn’t be too expensive. We’re trying to help each other not rob each other.
  3. The material can be prepared by either me or you (like if you have something you’re trying to understand, that can be our material for the session).
  4. For kids babysitting, if you don’t have time to do grocery i can help but please prepare the list and the money. I might ask you to buy some books to help the study but this isn’t necessary.
  5. If the kids study and babysitting become regular, there will be a rate rise.
  6. I only accept kids from 2y.o to 6y.o for babysitting
  7. I won’t give any certificate whatsoever that can state your study, so please don’t hope for one.
  8. I am not accepting drug dealer or someone that does illegal business as my student. Please don’t ask for my help.
  9. I’m not a licensee teacher nor a professional, but i’ll try my best to make this tutoring worth your money and time.

I guess that’s all from me. If you want to do a background check or something like that, you can scroll down my blog or find my social media. I will do that to you too, maybe. And from this post i guess you can already see my English level to take into consideration whether you want to sign up for this or not. I won’t ask you to be my regular student or have regular schedule, but please be considerate for the study time. I need my daily dose of teenage life too you know.

Kalau Anda mencari guru bahasa inggris untuk anak Anda, saya tidak bisa menjanjikan pengajaran yang sesuai dengan kurikulum di sekolah. Metode saya lebih kepada conversation dan kosa kata, bukan grammar. Dan saya hanya bisa mengajar anak TK hingga SD kelas 3.

I know it’s hard to trust stranger so it’s okay if you have someone to watch over me, just please don’t make it too serious or i’ll feel pressured and can’t do my job properly.

If you’re interested please do contact me on or Line me @lanacarter,

See you!



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