♣ Ficlet / Drabble

♦ Sweet Nightmare

→Kim Kibum (SHINee), Elizabeth Kwon(OC) | Friendship, Crack | General

♦ Cenayang

→Kim Jongdae (EXO), Lee Sani (OC) | Fluff, Crack | General


→Byun Baekhyun (EXO), Oh Hanna (OC) | Friendship, fluff, crack | PG


→Kris Wu (EXO), Suri (OC) | Fluff | PG


→Lee Taemin (SHINee), Lili (OC) | Fluff | General

♦ All I Want For Christmas is You

→Lee Jinki (SHINee), Lily (OC) | Christmas!AU, Family, Fluff | PG-15

♣ Vignette

Pink Polaroid

→Zhang Yixing a.k.a Lay (EXO), Silver (OC) | Fluff, Friendship | General


→Do Kyungsoo (EXO), Ahn Gina | Friendship, Fluff | General

♦  Turned Out Okay

→Kim Jongin (EXO), Krystal Jung (FX) | First Date!AU, Friendship | General

♣ Oneshot

♦ Superman

→Lee Jinki, Choi Minho | Friendship, Kids!AU | General

Oh Brother

→Lee Taemin, SHINee | Friendship, Brothership, Crack, Humor | PG

Teh Sore

→Lee Jinki, SHINee, Lily (OC) | Friendship, Fluff, Humor, College!AU | PG

♣ Sequel

♦ Une Tasse De L’amore

→Kim Kibum (SHINee), Elizabeth Kwon (OC) | Friendship, Romance, Crack | PG

Part 1


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